Photography is the medium through which I can connect with the environment around me and a very special way, with Nature.

When I walk I see what I find, discover the beauty that is around me, I see shapes, shadows and lights that transmit me emotions.

It’s like connecting to a spiritual level that is not visible at first sight.

Is about Natural Visions, beyond the material.

The Photography allows me to capture these visions through a moment and take them latent inside the camera. After, I transfer to my computer, in an effort to recover the image visualized at the time.

With this website I intend to show, through my images, feelings and emotions that are here in Asturias.


My work is mainly developed around performing landscape photography, featuring an extensive archive of Asturian landscapes, which are sold in the form of high quality prints, ideal for mounting decorative boxes, the size you want, from small boxes to large exhibition panels.
Or for the transfer of files for use in different media tour. (magazines, posters, brochures, internet)
I also make documentary works to promote tourism, and other Social photography work (weddings, studio…).
Other works that complement me, are the graphic design and desktop publishing for tourism advertising (logos, brochures, posters ….)
Besides imparting landscape photography workshops, a day or two in length, with theory to learn the usage of our cameras and exposure and processing techniques.
For any questions related to my work as a photographer, you can contact me
On my phone, 606 12 88 19  –
And in my mail;

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